Saturday, July 24, 2010

Outfielder Market Just Got Interesting

When David DeJesus ran into the wall while trying to catch a ball hit by Derek Jeter, he removed himself from the rumour mill and also removed one of the best available outfielders from the market. This season-ending injury opened the way for the Brewers’ Corey Hart to become the best available outfielder until he ran into the wall in a game against the Nationals.

What do these injuries mean for the Royals, Brewers and other teams looking to either buy or sell outfielders this trading deadline? It means that teams looking to sell can now ask for more for their players while teams that are buying should expect to pay much more to receive lesser value.

With DeJesus and Hart now off the market, guys like Jose Guillen, Cody Ross and Jose Bautista have become much more valuable to prospective buyers. While the Royals would have undoubtedly received more for DeJesus, GM Dayton Moore could now potentially ask for slightly more if he trades Guillen. This does not necessarily mean that he’ll get more, but it is definitely a possibility.

The injuries to DeJesus and Hart came at a horrible time. In trading DeJesus, the Royals could have potentially brought in some young prospects that they really need. By trading Hart, the Brewers could have brought in some young arms for a very poor starting rotation.

Now, the Royals could still get those prospects by trading Guillen, but may have to eat more salary than they would have by dealing DeJesus.

In a matter of days, the lead up to the trading deadline just got a lot more interesting without any trades going down.